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Ultrasound and 3D Fetal Imaging

Ultrasound creates pictures of the internal organs of the body from sound waves. Your doctor uses ultrasound during pregnancy to examine the fetus, and may at other times use it to help find possible problems or to check a medical condition. Ultrasound can be a valuable tool, especially when used in conjunction with other tests and exams.

Ultrasound is energy in the form of sound waves. There is no radiation involved. The sound waves are directed into a specific area of the body through a transducer. The sound waves hit tissues, body fluids, and bones. Waves then bounce back, like echoes, and are converted into pictures of the internal organs and—during pregnancy—the fetus.

The images appear on a screen similar to a television. Dark areas show liquid, like amniotic fluid. Gray or light areas show denser material, like tissue or bone.